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OS/32 & Series 3200 SIG #3


OS/32 & Series 3200 SIG #3

by Stuart Baker
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Interchange '95 has come and gone and now all that is left are fond memories. Memories of the great weather that Denver supplied (most days were in the low 70s). Memories of good times with old friends, most of whom I only get to see once a year at the Interchange meeting. Memories of a reunion with a high school friend and his family, who happen to live only an hour's drive from Denver. Finally, memories of some really great presentations. All in all, a very good meeting. For those of you that were not able to attend the meeting, it was your loss.

First, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Lee Brueni for the exceptional effort he put forth to insure that Interchange '95 had a 3200 Series system. He not only spent most of the night checking out hardware and installing software, but the terminals that shipped with the system came from his office! In his usual display of modesty, Lee insisted that he couldn't have done it without the help of several other dedicated individuals. So, to make this complete, I would also like to thank: Axel Plein, John DiPasquale, Mike Reynolds, Randy DeForge and Jyoti Butani. I hope that I have not overlooked anyone and that I spelled all names correctly.

Next I want to personally thank all of the presenters that responded to my pleas. The following are the presenters that I personally recruited, their affiliations, and the topics they presented. My thanks to... Lee Brueni of Concurrent Computer Corporation: Atomic List Instructions. Del Kunert and Lee Brueni of Concurrent Computer Corporation: 3200-850 Performance. David Vednor of Macrolink, Inc.: The latest in SCSI Disks and Tapes. Gary Johnston of Plus System, Inc.: Implementing High Volume Transaction Processing on Multiple MPS Systems. Prentiss R. Mooney of PRSM Systems: OS/32 Task Management Technology. Doris Meserole of Applied Data Technology Inc.: Overview of the Top Gun Combat Flight Trainer. Judith Robinson of MJS Systems, Inc.: PC Based Touch Screen Reliance implementation. Michael Chichelnik of Directory Advertising Consultants, Limited: Experiences with DMS/32.

Of the presentations that I personally attended, two drew standing room only crowds. Judith Robinson's presentation of MJS's PC Based Touch Screen Reliance implementation was really great. Judith's presentation was very professional, complete with color slides and an on-line demonstration of their Hospital Information System. She demonstrated how touch screen support has made their systems effortless to use. MJS has truly devised a refreshingly new method of accessing Reliance. Touch screen support may well be the key to extending the life of this robust and reliable legacy database.

The touch screen support is not limited to Reliance. Any software that uses block mode 6312 terminals can be tailored to work with this system. The Reliance screen modifications that enable touch screen support are totally transparent to the real 6312 terminals so your applications will still work as originally implemented, but when you use your applications with a touch screen PC you won't believe the difference. If you are interested in extending the life of your Reliance based applications, call MJS at (612) 454-9201 and ask for Judith Robinson. She can fill you in on all of the requirements.

The second standing room only crowd gathered to watch Doris Meserole unveil the underlying details the Top Gun Combat Flight Trainer. The Top Gun system has been implemented on a variety of Concurrent 3200 systems starting with the 8/32 and extending through the 3280E. Since the original OS/32 implementation, the Top Gun system has been ported to both the RTU and MAXION platforms.

Doris' presentation started with overheads explaining the various components that make up the Top Gun system and concluded with a video tape that pulled all of the information together. She presented a detailed layout of the typical Top Gun system driven by OS/32 computers. She discussed the data acquisition requirements needed to monitor combat aircraft at maximum load, and described the playback capabilities that allow the pilots to review their performance. The Top Gun system is very complex, with a lot of separate components working together to safely train pilots in a real flight, real multi-aircraft mission, simulated weapons environment.

The real time requirements of the Top Gun system are so demanding that the Concurrent OS/32 platform was the best fit available. The Top Gun system tracks, processes, and records air-to-air and air-to-ground combat maneuvering information from up to 36 high activity aircraft (like the F18), and up to 100 low activity aircraft, simultaneously. The Top Gun system must also handle up to 30 real or simulated threats in addition to simulating weapons systems.

For those of you that did not attend the conference, you can see that you missed some really great presentations. I hope that this will give you some incentive to attend next year's conference.

That about does it for this issue. If you have any questions you can reach me by phone, fax or email. Please keep in touch.

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