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UOFA  Testimonial



August 22, 1986


Stuart Baker Software
2338 Grand Ave.
San Diego, California 92109

Dear Sir:

We have installed our copy of PASSPORT/XMODEM32 and are making good use of it. Our system has about 20 MTM users, and all now have access to a wide range of services through PASSPORT. We have connected two dial-out lines, one auto-dial and the other manual-dial, and one hard wire to the University of Arizona's computer center. Through the hard wire a user may log into any of several computers, including VAXS, a DEC-10, a Cyber 175, or even the supercomputer at the John VonNeumann Center at Princeton via a satellite link through the computer center.

The dial-out lines give us access to on-line services at the University library, various special purpose data bases, and electronic mail facilities. Part of our work here at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory Involves the discovery and tracking of asteroids and comets. The files containing discovery announcements and astrometric positions of these objects can now be immediately uploaded to the Minor Planet Center facility in Washington, D. C.

We are in the process of adding a link to the Dialog database of published literature and other items. Any of us will be able to make literature searches from the terminal in his own office.

XMODEM32 has turned out to be quite useful also. Those of us with microcomputers at home, including IBM PCs, a MacIntosh, and an Amiga, have uploaded and downloaded files from our 3240.

I thought you might enjoy hearing what we've been able to do with PASSPORT/XKODEM32.


Lyn R. Doose
Research Associate
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona 85271

ps: Please feel free to use this letter prudently for whatever purpose suits your need.

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