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UOFND Testimonial


Physics Department
University of Notre Dame

October 28, 1986

Stuart J. Baker
Stuart Baker Software
2338 Grand Avenue
San Diego, CA 92109

RE: PASSPORT data communications package

Dear Stu:

I'm writing to fill you in on our experiences so far with your PASSPORT communications package. We are running the package on a Concurrent 3220 computer with Kardios 4MB memory upgrade. We currently have three dial in/dial out lines and have used them with Hayes 1200 modems as well as with U.S.Robotics Courier 2400 modems. PASSPORT works flawlessly with both.

We typically use the dial out feature through SDECM to call up the local IBM mainframe as well as a couple of VAXs. Some of our terminals are VT100 compatible, and with these on either the IBM emulator or on the VAX, we can run things such as the full screen editors on those systems with no problem at all.

The only glitch we had installing PASSPORT had to do with uncovering an apparently long-latent bug in BIOC, not in PASSPORT itself. Your response to this problem was phenomenally fast. The day after I called you about the bug, you phoned with a fix!

In summery, we are extremely happy with both the package itself and with the service. We eagerly await the updates you have spoken of, since they sound very useful and should greatly enhance an already excellent package.

Sincerely yours,

James W. Kaiser
Chief Engineer


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