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Stuart Baker Software presents -- PC-Passport version R04, acclaimed as the most accurate and true-to-life software based Concurrent 6312 terminal emulator on the market today. This product runs on IBM PC and compatible computers. PC-Passport is a DOS (version 3.1 or above) based product that is Windows 3.x, Windows95 and Windows98 aware. Since PC-Passport is Windows aware, it releases its time slice to allow other programs to execute without interference. When needed, PC-Passport also has the ability to define time-critical sections. It also provides direct access to the Windows clipboard to allow convenient copy and paste between applications. PC-Passport includes an icon for installation in any of the MS Windows environments. As with all of our products, PC-Passport is year 2000 ("Y2K") compliant. It offers a cost effective way to utilize existing PCs with your OS/32 systems.

Stuart Baker Software started shipping PC-Passport R04 on August 1, 1997. The latest update was released June 1, 1999. Since we are not aware of any way to detect when we are running under OS/2, we changed the way PC-Passport releases its time slice. In order to improve performance in the OS/2 environment, we now release the time slice if we detect that we are running under stand-alone DOS version 5.0 and above. This change does not affect the way PC-Passport works when running under Windows or DESQview.

The R04 version of PC-Passport contains many capabilities that increase your productivity. If you own any previous version of PC-Passport, you can upgrade now for only $65.00 each. Here is a brief description of some of the new features you will enjoy:

  • Extended escape sequences support host-initiated DOS command execution, file deletion, function key execution and script file invocation.
  • Function key script file invocation and local escape code processing, enables single key script file activation that can run a series of DOS or Windows programs.
  • Mouse support for cursor positioning in Block, Conversational and Configuration mode.
  • Mouse and keyboard support for Copy and Paste on main and review screens.
  • Full screen editor with Cut/Copy and Paste, to edit copy buffer or downloaded host data.
  • PC-Passport releases all but 4 KB of memory on shelling to DOS.
  • Conversational mode command history preserved between PC-Passport sessions.
  • New commands allow creation of restricted mode script files to prevent novice or non-system users from inadvertently getting into trouble.
  • Support for global variables that are preserved between script sessions.
  • Dcompute command (similar to MTM's) allows calculations and conditional looping.
  • Keyboard input to global variables allows scripts to obtain additional information from the user in response to a pop-up message.
  • DOS file input to global variables allows scripts to read from a disk file.
  • String command allows manipulation of data in global variables.
  • Environment command allows access to DOS environment variables.
  • Convert contents of global variables to upper or lower case.
  • $If command allows ASCII and Decimal comparisons of two quoted strings.

PC-Passport emulates ALL of the 6312 terminal escape sequences in both conversational and block modes. It runs all of the default tests using Concurrent's 6312 test program. In addition, PC-Passport contains a configuration screen that functions the same as the real 6312 terminal's does. The mouse support makes configuration changes a real breeze.

PC-Passport boasts a comprehensive set of script file commands modeled after our OS/32 PASSPORT product. Script files allow you to automate signons and file transfers and even run Reliance sessions. New script commands allow creation of restricted mode script files to prevent novice or non-system users from inadvertently getting into trouble. PC-Passport functions with Concurrent's Terminal Interface Program (TIP), allowing you to access TSO and IMS on IBM mainframes.

PC-Passport's color support allows your existing applications to take on new brilliance. Use of color improves efficiency of data entry, saving you time and money. Imagine having errors in Reliance display as bright white letters on a red background. Your data entry people will easily determine where the trouble is.

PC-Passport searches the DOS environment for the PASSPORT variable. This variable defines a home directory used for file searches. In addition, PC-Passport allows you to maintain copies of its files in separate directories, letting your current directory tailor your configuration to specific environments.

PC-Passport's XMODEM file transfer capabilities allow you to take full advantage of your PCs as work stations. The automatic mode and host initiated file transfer capabilities of the R06-01 version of our XMODEM32 product makes transferring files or even groups of files a snap. For example, if you want to send all of the FORTRAN files in your current account to your PC, just type XMS -.FTN. Our proprietary 1024 byte extended packets achieve impressive throughput with error correcting modems or dedicated lines. The Xmodem command displays the last nine lines of the connect mode screen, allowing you to see the host message while your Xmodem file transfer continues. You no longer need to remember the number of blocks the transfer contains. PC-Passport's Send and Receive commands allow you to transfer files to systems that do not support XMODEM. These commands allow simple, non-error checked file transfer.

PC-Passport is fast and efficient, allowing you to communicate at 57,600 bps using your PC's serial port. PC-Passport allows access to COM1 through COM4. In addition, you can assign specific address and IRQ (2 through 15) values to any port, so you can access non-standard communications ports. PC-Passport also allows you to specify BIOS1 through BIOS4 or Smith Micro's CrossConnect COMM01 through COMM20. When you select BIOS access, PC-Passport uses INT 14 to control and access the communications system. The BIOS support allows you to use PC-Passport over a PC network using INT 14 redirectors at speeds up to 38,400 bps.

You can program all 32 function keys, defining a total of up to 400 characters. As an extension to the 6312's function key handling, PC-Passport allows you to instantly switch between translated function keys and the default escape sequence. This feature gives you access to 64 function keys instead of the normal 32. Of course, you can lock the function keys into the translate mode to exactly match the 6312's handling.

While you are communicating with your host computer, you can enter the command mode at any time and resume exactly where you left off. Many functions can be performed from command mode; for instance, you can display files with the DIR command, edit a file or even execute another program. You can even call up a new copy of the DOS command processor (releasing all but 4 KB of memory). After you have completed your desired task, return to PC-Passport and issue the Connect command to restore your original screen. PC-Passport restores you to exactly where you left off, even in the middle of a block mode Reliance screen.

PC-Passport automatically maintains up to 28 default configuration files. In addition to the defaults, you can specify a configuration filename, allowing for an unlimited number of user defined files. This feature allows you to instantly change your complete terminal configuration, including function key definitions, with one command.

PC-Passport's context sensitive help has been greatly enhanced. Separate help screens exist for over thirty separate conditions. Automatic help has been added to the local escape and translation selection modes. Help can be obtained at any time by typing Alt-H, or you can peek at the help screen by holding the Alt key down. When you hold the Alt key down, within approximately one second a context sensitive help screen pops up. The screen vanishes when you release the Alt key. Any time a help screen displays, it vanishes within one minute if the keyboard is not touched. When a help time-out occurs, PC-Passport resumes normal operation.

Remember, this is a product of Stuart Baker Software. We have a proven reputation for technical expertise in OS/32 systems and for powerful, easy to use applications software. We can answer most of your questions over the phone and provide unmatched technical support. Hundreds of satisfied customers will testify to the excellence of our products and support.

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