Stuart Baker Software offers high quality consulting services and products to users of IBM PCs and compatibles (DOS and Windows)
    as well as Interdata, Perkin-Elmer and Concurrent Computer Corporation 3200 series machines (OS/32).

Price & Discount


All OS/32 products run on Interdata, Perkin-Elmer and Concurrent Computer Corporation 32 bit computers running OS/32 R06-02.4 or later. All prices are specified in US$ and are subject to change with the printing of a new Product Price List. The List Price on all products follow:

SBS-PC-Passport IBM PC based 6312 terminal emulator:

  • Domestic Version (F00), Executable image $250.00
  • Domestic Version (F00), Executable image (No Documentation) $230.00
  • International Version (F03E), Executable image $350.00
  • International Version (F03E), Executable image (No Documentation) $330.00
  • Available in 60 day demo mode $50.00

PC-Passport supports ALL of the original CCUR 6312 terminal escape sequences. It works in block and conversational modes, supporting Reliance, Medit, LEX, MTM etc. It includes mouse support to greatly improve access to Reliance and full screen editors. It communicates over dedicated or dial lines at speeds up to 57,600 bps when using the PC's serial port hardware. It also supports BIOS (INT 14) network redirectors at speeds up to 38,400 bps. PC-Passport supports host initiated Xmodem file transfers and extended packet mode. When used with the R06-01 version of XMODEM32 you can perform group transfers using wildcards or a select file. The domestic version (F00) of PC-Passport is licensed for use only in the U.S. and Canada. The international version (F03E) supports the French, German, Spanish, Swedish and United Kingdom character sets. The international version is software copy protected.

SBS-PASSPORT OS/32 Telecommunications Facility:

  • Task image $1995.00
  • Task image (No Documentation) $1975.00
  • Available in 60 day demo mode $50.00
  • Yearly Maintenance Contract $199.50
  • Modem and processor-to-processor cables $ (Call)

PASSPORT allows OS/32 users to communicate interactively with other computer systems over dedicated or dial-up serial connections. Its script files allow unattended sessions, automated signon, file transfer and time-of-day execution -- without tying up a terminal on your system. The accounting log gives you a complete user record for your accounting and billing. Complex data transfers can be done rapidly with a single command. PASSPORT allows a user to connect to another computer system using standard asynchronous communications. It works on dedicated or dial lines at speeds up to 38,400 bps. Auto dialing is supported for HAYES AT compatible modems. File transfers are supported using paced upload, raw data capture or the Kermit and Xmodem error checking protocols. This package includes SBS-XMODEM32.

SBS-XMODEM32 OS/32 MTM File Transfer Utility:

  • Task image $495.00
  • Task image (No Documentation) $475.00
  • Available in 60 day demo mode $50.00
  • Yearly Maintenance Contract $49.50

XMODEM32 is an implementation of Ward Christensen's CP/M error checking file transfer protocol. It supports Text, Binary and VFC file transfers. It uses summation or CRC check sum for error checking. The extended packet mode improves throughput on dedicated lines and error correcting modems. XMODEM32 allows file transfers to take place between microcomputers and OS/32 systems that are using PASSPORT. If you are using an IBM PC with PC-Passport (R03-01 or above), XMODEM32 automatically initiates the Xmodem file transfer and supports group transfers using wildcards or a select file.

The price of a demo copy may be applied to the license of a full fledged copy of the software. When yearly maintenance is purchased with a product, it takes effect on the first day of the month following the shipping date. If a maintenance contract expires, you must upgrade to the current revision of the software before it can be renewed. If an upgrade order is accompanied by an order for maintenance, you receive a 50% discount on the price the upgrade. All products are distributed under a license and may be used only on one machine at a time.

SBS-ProgCalc Windows RPN Calculator:

  • Executable image $10.00

ProgCalc is a 16-bit Windows shareware programmer's calculator. This is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) style calculator similar to the Hewlett-Packard HP16C. If you prefer to use RPN calculators, we think you will really like our implementation. This calculator allows you to perform 2's complement integer mathematical operations in four number bases (Hexadecimal, Decimal, Octal and Binary). In addition to integer operations, you can perform 64 bit floating point operations.

Software Quantity Discount

Discounts apply only to items purchased on a single purchase order. The following outlines the quantity discounts as they apply to each individual Stuart Baker Software product. Check the Product Price List to determine maintenance eligibility. One year of software maintenance is available for 10% of the total package price.









17 - 32


3 - 4



33 - 64


5 - 8



65 - up


9 - 16



For example, using this schedule, the cost on four copies of PASSPORT and forty copies of PC-Passport is computed as follows:


Unit Cost














The above prices include complete documentation and magnetic tape or floppy disk for each product. All OS/32 products have the OS/32 license number of each site encrypted into the task image. It is the policy of Stuart Baker Software that any purchase of 65 or more is eligible for a special site license quote.

We accept company purchase orders and pre-paid orders.

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