Stuart Baker Software offers high quality consulting services and products to users of IBM PCs and compatibles (DOS and Windows)
    as well as Interdata, Perkin-Elmer and Concurrent Computer Corporation 3200 series machines (OS/32).

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This page is your link to other sites that provide products and support for users of legacy 3200 Series (OS/32) systems.

  • Concurrent Computer Corporation - Concurrent Computer Corporation manufactures, repairs, upgrades, and sells Concurrent 3200 Series computers and components (as well as other products). Their web site has information on the latest series 3200 hardware and software offerings as well as Y2K information.

  • EYEDOT Computer, Inc. - Eyedot provides quality refurbished Concurrent equipment as well as offering repair, support, and training.

  • Excalibur Solutions, Inc. - Excalibur Solutions provides advanced technical solutions to its customers in all areas of system integration, software development, and custom hardware design and manufacture.

  • Interdata Model 4 - If you want to have a look at the machine that got me started on the Interdata, Perkin-Elmer, Concurrent Computer Corporation hardware platform, go visit this page. When I stopped by, it brought back a lot of memories about paper tape, Hollerith cards and TTY's. Wow have computers come a long way in the last 30 years!

  • Kardios Systems Corporation - Kardios Systems Corporation offers 10 Mbps Ethernet hardware and reliable TCP/IP network software. Trademarked ComPlus, this system also offers universally programmable protocols to hundreds of serial ports at T1 data rates and lower. Kardios delivers products for 3200 processors world-wide. You have heard about the new model 3200-2000, a single board CPU replacement capable of delivering up to 18 MIPS using either a 233 MHz or 350 MHz Motorola PowerPC 750 processor with Flash-stored software that fully emulates the Series 3200 architecture. Well here is the company responsible for the hardware used on this new joint venture.

  • Macrolink®, Inc. - Macrolink® designs and manufactures high-performance products for VMEbus open systems and Concurrent Computer 3200 Series super-minicomputers. These products include SCSI, communications, mass storage, memory expansion, specialized I/O, system modules and related subsystems.

  • PRSM Systems - PRSM Systems is active in the effective utilization of Concurrent Computer Corporation 3200 Series products. The company is highly experienced in providing software and integration solutions for the 3200 Series, with over twenty years continuous experience with that product line and its predecessors.

  • System Upgrade, Inc. - System Upgrade specializes in the Concurrent 3200 Series Product Line offering complete systems as well as peripheral and component upgrades, hot swap platform migratable SCSI subsystems, and RAID. Also, System Upgrade provides 3rd and 4th party service options, on-site sparing, board repairs, and installations.

  • Trident Computer Resources, Inc. - Trident Computer Resources provides comprehensive computer hardware support services throughout the world to their established existing customer base as well as to new Digital and Concurrent clients.

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